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Latest Cigna Urgent Care Updates

Oct 31, 2022
A surge in respiratory syncytial virus is putting severe strain on children's hospitals nationwide. Hospitals first began seeing the unseasonable RSV rise in August. Now, many are reporting a case increase of over 300 percent compared to last month. (Becker's)
Oct 28, 2022
Flu-related hospitalizations nationwide have risen dramatically in recent weeks, reaching levels historically not seen until much later in flu season, according to data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (NBC News)

Cigna Urgent Care FAQs

  • Is urgent care covered by health insurance?

    Yes, your insurance should cover a visit to an urgent care clinic. However, the cost of each form of urgent care can vary considerably, so be sure that you are well versed on what kind of policy you have with your insurance provider. Patients often receive phone and on-site approval of their insurance prior to treatment, yet weeks later, they’re left with expensive examination bills. Just like hospitals and emergency rooms, insurance coverage must be processed through a partnership network before a co-pay can be determined. If you are worried about the cost or insurance acceptance, before you book an appointment at any walk-in clinic or urgent care center, contact your insurance provider to find out if they participate in the same healthcare network. Don’t wait until you require urgent care to ask an insurance provider about coverage options.

  • Does Cigna cover urgent care?

    Yes, Cigna does cover the cost of urgent care visits. Coverage often varies, based on the specific policy you have, so be sure to consult your plan details, including what kind of deductible or copay you can expect. Each form of urgent care comes with its own set of fees, and each service you have performed at a doctor can cause your out of pocket to vary. Follow the links above to find out more about your options.

  • Do retail clinics take Cigna health insurance?

    Retail clinics (also called walk-in or convenient care clinics) offer consumers an easy location to receive walk-in clinic treatment, typically inside shopping centers. Your health insurance coverage is determined in the same way that it would if you visited a separate urgent care clinic facility. Although Cigna provides healthcare insurance coverage for thousands of walk-in clinic locations, you may need to check if the location is connected within our healthcare network. If the site hasn’t been added to our systems, you may pay the full amount of your co-pay or treatment bill.

  • What is my urgent care co-pay with Cigna?

    Co-payments for urgent care visits are determined by whether the location is covered within our healthcare network. Each of our covered providers' treatment quality and co-payment coverage varies. For regular visits to locations that are connected within our healthcare network, the average service charges may be around $20-$40 in co-payment. You can contact Cigna directly to learn more about your coverage options, and find a walk-in clinic location that we cover.

  • Can I use Medicare at urgent care?

    Most urgent care clinics accept Medicare or Medigap plans to pay for visit treatments. Part B of your policy covers the medical insurance portion, which amounts to around 80% of the total co-pay. For those with a Medigap plan, the secondary insurance portion pays what is determined by your policy provisions. If the urgent care center denies your Medicare coverage after a visit, they may request you to sign an agreement not to bill Medicare. Opt-out providers can’t bill Medicare for follow up appointments, so they may refer you to your primary care provider for additional treatment.

  • How much does urgent care cost without insurance?

    The total amount of a co-pay for a walk-in clinic depends on the treatment provided during the visit. After a doctor conducts your exam and goes over your medical history, they may decide to administer additional services (such as x-rays, IVs, medication, or shots). Without any type of insurance, you can expect to pay anywhere from $70-$125 per routine visit. Any additional service fees may significantly increase your bill. If you visit an urgent care center without insurance, you are required to pay the full amount for your visit before you leave.

  • Urgent care vs ER vs walk-in clinic

    Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics take care of consumers with non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries (such as fevers, mild asthma, cold or flu symptoms, minor cuts or burns, urinary tract infections, headaches, and joint or muscle pain). They’re staffed with nurses, physician assistants, and/or doctors who can use labs or x-rays to diagnose underlying diseases or conditions. Emergency rooms handle life-threatening symptoms, illnesses, or injuries (such as uncontrolled bleeding, severe cuts or burns, asthma attacks, seizures, dizziness, heart attacks, strokes, and more.) Doctors and nurses are available inside hospital emergency rooms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911, or visit your nearest emergency room.

Recent Cigna Urgent Care Reviews (3)

I have Cigna insurance. I do everything I can at one Cigna location. Five stars to all staff from urgent care to primary care to labs. Everyone is friendly and professional. When I go to urgent care, which I have done several times, the wait time is minutes. When I call any department, a real person answers. They are always helpful.

- Verified patient on 10/14

Justin is very personable and also very knowledgeable. My insurance, Cigna charges a $75.00 co-pay at urgent care, otherwise I would love y’all to be my primary care.

- Verified patient on 10/12

I called several urgent care centers after speaking with a nurse on my Cigna plan so I could identify the scope of my needs and get a ballpark 80/20 quote for what I knew was in scope from the staff before coming in. Cassie was the most informative, professional, and friendly person I spoke to. I went right over. I thought John was the absolute bomb of a PA - quick and accurate diagnosis plus level of my issue, what to expect, numbed and lanced the infection gently, confidently and expertly, and determined the right antibiotic routine based on my history. I saved this location to my phone so I can go straight there if I have future needs. As long as there are no surprise charges, I have found my happy urgent care as need dictates. Josh at the front was friendly, efficient and helpful, too. Thank you for hiring such an exceptional team and providing such smart formal process around it.

- Verified patient on 4/22

Cigna Urgent Care

Cigna is a global health service company partnering with over one million healthcare facilities and providers on a mission to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind for healthcare consumers. With more than 74,000 employees, no matter what type of health predicament you’re in, they can help you find a practical solution that treats your diagnosis, injury or illness.

For non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, Cigna is likely to recommend urgent care as an option, assuming you can’t get into your primary care provider. Urgent care centers give consumers access to high-quality healthcare providers with walk-in and same-day convenience. Not to mention, an urgent care could save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars compared to an ER.

Of course, if you are experiencing any life-threatening symptoms, you should call 911 or visit your closest emergency room immediately. While this is usually the most expensive healthcare option, if your life is on the line, there is really no better venue to be treated. You will also have access to treatment from a variety of different hospital departments and follow up care.

Being covered by Cigna, or any major health insurance carrier, means you do have access to their resources and provider network. For residents and visitors to Arizona, that includes the Cigna Medical Group, a multi-specialty network with more than 20 locations focused on everything from primary care to diabetes, and of course, urgent care.

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